Sheikh-al-Molouk Mosque of Malayer

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/24/2014
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This mosque is located in Bazaar Area of Malayer City and its history backs to the Qajar Dynasty era. According to its inscription, it was built in 1226 Hijri by Sheikh-al-Molouk. The entrance gate of the mosque which opens into the Sheikh-al-Molouk had another inscription which shows the date 1236 Hijri. The entrance gate from west south side is connected to the courtyard by a vestibule and there are two small minarets installed on this vestibule. The main gate is designed with stalactite. These stalactites were repaired in 1356 Hijri. A big minaret also is built on the main gate. The main part of the mosque includes dome room in south side of the courtyard and its mehrab is designed with stalactite inscription and tile work.




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