Haj Rajab Ali Mosque and School

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/8/2014

This is a majestic mosque which was built by Haj Mulla Rajab Ali and Mirza Abdullah farahani in 1369 Hijri. This building had been originally a complex including gardens, vast summer and winter shabestans, balcony and a beautiful school but presently most of these part are changed to shops, houses,…the balcony and shabestan are designed with worthy tile work. The elevated balcony includes side porches, tile work and a big inscription which has fully covered around the balcony. There is a circle in center of this tile works which the name of the artist and date of building of the tile works is written in it. According to this document, his name is Ostad Mohammad Gholi Shirazi and the date is 1262 Hijri.


haj rajab ali

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