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The center of supervision on mosques affairs with more than two decades old has been the main service center for mosques of Tehran state. It was established cause of need to existence of such center to investigate requirements and needs of mosques as Supreme leader of Iran has commanded. Ayatollah Khamenei (damat barakatuh) as Vali-Faqih granted this responsibility as innate right to authority on mosques to Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani as the trustworthy person to establish and manage this center as its president.
The role of grand Islamic scholars in establishment and improvement of this center has been very important as Ayatollah Khamenei (damat barakatuh) said.

Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani as the first president of this center and Ayatollah Anvari (rahmatullah alayh) , have tried seriously to achieve the goals of center according to its manifest .they could drew a systematic sample to manage the center.


The command of the supreme leader of Iran

Ayatollah khamenei (damat barakatoh)


In the name of God

Sir, Ayatollah Mahvadi Kani (Damat  barakatuh)

Multiple requests from people who are in relation with mosques of Tehran, specially Imam jama’ah  clergies, Basij, trustees of mosques and etc indicates the needs for existence of a center as a believable reference  ,aware and pervasive institution to consider the mosques affairs as the main base for religion, spirituality and morality. There is no doubt that preserve the sanctity of mosques and empowerment of spiritual, revolutionary and didactic aspects of mosques needs a safe and healthy environment and avoid of internal struggles. Hence, it is expected from you as respectable and famous face among respectful clergies of Tehran (alhamdu lellah) to establish such a center to consider the mosques affairs to help and support for implementation of Islamic programs in mosques and appointment of imam jama’ah and other trustees in required cases to improve the usefulness and grow of these bases of revolution and Islam.

I pray for you to be successful in this way

Va-al-salamao – alaikom va rahmatollah