Mirza Mousa Mosque and Seminary of Tehran (Abdullah Khan Mosque)

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/8/2014

This mosque belongs to Qjar era and is located in Naser Khosrou Street.  It is registered also by the National Cultural Heritage Org of Iran (ID No.11198)
This mosque was used as schools also in past and was built in 1277 Hijri at the same time with kingship of Nasereddin Shah. The founder of the mosque was Mirza Mousa Tafreshi who was one of the ministers of Nasereddin Shah. The mosque has three shabestans that presently only the southern shabestan is useful. The balcony of the mosque also is located opposite side of the southern shabestan. This is a columned shabestan within 15 columns which the capital parts of these columns are very magical and attractive. The mehrab of the mosque also is designed with

stalactite works.

mirza mousa mosque

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