Nezamuddin Qajar Mosque of Tehran

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/8/2014

This mosque is located in Amir Kabir Street and closed to municipal building.  The installed inscription in sides of the mehrab show 1310 Hijri and the image of founder f the mosque also is drawn on the other inscription which is installed presently in courtyard. According to these inscriptions, the founder’s name is Mohammad Ibrahim Khan Nezamod’doleh. We read in ‘’Masajed-e-Tehran’’ book that this building and all of its enhancements extensions were built in 1310 Hijri by NEzamod’doleh and its manager name had been Nezam Sultan. There is no porch or minaret in this mosque and the shabestan is designed with tile work, stalactite work, brick work with seven colors tiles and many inscriptions in the mosque.

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