Mirza Ali Akbar Mosque of Ardabil

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/8/2014

This mosque was constructed in Qajar era by Haj Mohammad Hosein Amin who was a member of Amini family and in late years of Qajar era was repaired by Mirza Ali Akbar Mojtahed.
The mentioned mosque had been the place for lectures of Mirza Ali, so the name of the mosque also was inspired of his name. This mosque includes a columned prayers hall, open courtyards, minaret and Seminary. The main hall with 30m length and 24m width is covered with columns and brick aches. This prayer hall is divided into two separate parts for men and women and there are two woody tribunes which are made in 1249 and 1293 Hijri-Qamari.
The yard is small and is designed with stone plinths and brick porches. There is a beauty window with 30m width also. The seminary and public library of this mosque is located in south side of the mosque. The minaret is located in south eastern side of the mosque which is designed with blue, green and yellow tiles. This minaret was repaired in 1370 Hijri-Shamsi.