Jannat Sara Mosque of Ardabil

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/8/2014

This building is located in northern side of Sheikh Safi-Al-Din’s holly shrine and is built in First Shah Tahmasb’s era. It seems to be used for Sophism followers and no Mehrab is made in this mosque. The plan of the building includes an ordered octagon with balcony. In past, there had been a dome with 5.16m diameter which after its destruction in Qajar era, a flat roof was constructed instead of the dome. The prayers hall consists sixteen columns with carved bases.
The façade of the balcony is designed with beautiful tiles and inscriptions of Quran Ayahs. There is a big pentagon arches which a balcony is built on this arches. The hallow piers of the mosque are magically constructed!

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