Chalshotor Jam’e Mosque of Shahrekord

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/8/2014

Chalshotor Mosque was built in 1267 Hijri by Haj Mohammad Reza Khan Chalshotori’s order. It is 9km far from Shahrekord. The used material for constructing of the mosque is mostly stone, bricks and tiles. The plan of the mosque is Two Balconies style. It includes shabestan, pool, and entrance gates. There is a wooden pulpit in the southern shabestan of the mosque which is designed with some Ayahs of Quran which are carved on wood. The mosque includes two entrance gates in west and east sides that the eastern one is reconstructed but the western gate contains tile work and old inscriptions. The dimension of the mosque is 13m *5.78m. It has arched porches within stone columns and tile work exterior in eastern and western sides. The balconies are located in northern and southern sides and the stone pool is in middle of the courtyard. The interior of the dome is designed with bricks and in soth side of the mehrab, there are tile made awning in both sides of the mehrab. The northern balcony is covered with gable ceiling and two domes parts are located in both sides of this balcony. This balcony also has some tile works and inscriptions which show the name of the founder. The interior walls of the mosque are plastered and some holes are contrived on top of the domes to fulfill the required light of the shabestan. In west side of the courtyard and behind of its dome, there is the winter shabestan of the mosque which its roof is installed on the strong stone columns.


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