Khan or Jam’e Mosque of Shahrekord

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/24/2014
 This mosque was built in 1270 Hijri by Haj Mohammad Reza Khan’s order and is one of the oldest buildings of Shahrekord. It is fully brick made and is constructed according to Isfahan mosques style. We introduce some important features of the mosque in below:

The shabestans:

It has two shabestans for winter and summer seasons which the winter columned shabestan is located in west side of the courtyard. It is placed around 50cm lower than the sufatce of the courtyard because of keeping shabestan warmer in winter season. There are two entrance gates and some windows in front of the shabestan which fulfill its needed light. These woody windows are reticulated in three casements within glass frames in square, rectangular and rhombus figures.

There are eight stony carved columns which 160cm height and 40cm width are placed in four sides of the shabestan. The capitals of the columns are quadrangle which the zigzag porches and domes are installed on them. There are some circle holes on top of each dome as skylight. The interior walls of the shabestan are brick made.

The summer shabestan also is located in southern side of the courtyard which a main gate and two small gates compose the entrances of this shabestan. The porches and arches of this shabestan are brick made and its mehrab is located under the main dome which is designed with seven colors tiles within blue borders.

The courtyard:

The courtyard of the mosque is a rectangle which its surface is stone covered and the porches are located in both sides of this courtyard, exactly In front of the winter shabestan (western corner) and both sides of the eastern entrance gate. There is a big stony water pool in north side of the courtyard.

The porches:

There are some porches around the courtyard and also in both sides of the balconies in two floors. The roof of these porches is covered with zigzag and semi-domes.


The balconies:

This building is the only Four Balconies style of Shahrekord. These balconies are the most elevated parts of this building which are covered with zigzag brick made ceiling. The top part of any balcony is designed with colorful tiles within seven colors borders. There are two pillars in both sides of the balconies with 5.1m width and hold the bases of the main zigzag roof are installed on them. There are some porches also on these pillars which are designed with colorful tiles.

The tile works:  

We can observe various tile works in this building. Diversity in colors such as seven colors, dark blue and light blue within the calligraphy works which consist some Ayahs of Quran have made this building very distinctive and attractive. The calligrapher of these works is Mousa Zadeh Kashi Paz.

The entrances and gateways:

This mosque has three entrances in north, east and west sides which are covered with zigzag porches and semi-domes. Some porches with 15cm depth are inside of the corridors and are designed with seven colors tiles.

The domes:

These brick made domes are installed on the shabestans with eight and sixteen faces. The adobe mehrab is located under this dome and is designed with seven colors tiles.


Dimensional information of the mosque:

Courtyard: 700m

Western or winter shabestan: 280m

Southern or summer shabestn: 350m



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