Oshtorjan (Oshtorgan) Mosque of Isfahan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/24/2014

Oshtorjan is the name of a village, located in south-west of Isfahan. In 8th century (Hijri-Qamari), Ohstorgan was a small town and its Jame Mosque was built during the kingship of Sultan Mohammad Khoda Bandelou (Oljaitou) from Mogul dynasty and by Khajeh Fakhreddin Muhammad Ben Mahmoud Ben Ali Oshtorjani (Malik-al-Vozara). There are two historical gateways in this mosque which are located in north and east sides of the courtyard. The northern gateway which its height is more than twelve meters contains exclusive stalactite work, tile work, calligraphy work and two minarets are placed both sides of the inscription. The architecture of these minarets is same as Menar Jonban. It means those are shaking minarets which their bodies are designed with ‘’Allah Akbar’’ holly word.

The main inscription on the gateway contains this text:

 « امر ببناء هذا المسجد المبارک الصاحب الاعظم ملک الوزراء فی العالم فخرالدنیا والدین محمدبن محمودبن علی اشترجانی »

Khajeh Fakhreddin was one of the most politicians during the kingship of Sultan Abou Saeid Bahador Khan, the Muslim Ilkhan king.

Inside of the stalactites of the mosque is designed with the name of Kholafa Al- Rashedin (Orthodox Caliphs) as calligraphy works. Also the name of fourteen guiltless (Shia’a Theory) are written on a square figure tile.

The 96th ayah of Al-e-Emran Surah is carved on the upper part of the wooden main gate which according to this inscription, it is made by Ostad Ahmad and Haji Mohammad Gheta Tabrizi.

Another inscription also is installed on the dome of this mosque which contains the first verses of Fat’h Surah of Quran and the history f this inscription is written at the corner of the right side of this inscription as below:

« و ذلک فی اواخر صفر سنه خمس عشر و سبعمائه »

There is no inscription in western prayers hall of the mosque. But an inscription is installed on one of walls of the eastern prayers hall. It shows that the mosque had been repaired by Kamaleddin Ismaeil son of Zahireddin Ibrahim Oshtorjani during the Abol Nasr Bahador Khan reign. The product date of this inscription backs to 818 Hijri-Qamari which contains the text in below:

« در زمان خلافت حضرت پادشاه اسلام السلطان الاعظم مالک رقاب الامم ابوالنصر حسن بهادر خان خلدالله ملکه و سلطانه تعمیر یمین و یسار مسجد جامع اشترجان نمود از خاص مال خود الشیخ السالک المسمّی به کمال الدین اسماعیل بن ابراهیم اشترجانی ابتغاء لمرضاه الله تعالی امید که قبول حضرت عزه گردد و اهل بیتش بدعا یاد کنند فی تاریخ ربیع الثانی سنه احدی و ثمانین وثمنائه »

The inscription of the eastern gateway of the mosque which is a masterpiece in calligraphy and plasterwork is made in 715 Hijri-Qamari and shows the text in below:

« بسم الله الرحمان الرحیم وان المساجد الله فلا تدعوا معاالله حداً فی سنه خمس عشره و سبعمائه


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