Ilchi Mosque of Isfahan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/24/2014

This is one of the most beautiful and fine works from Safavid era which was built at the same time with Sultan Soleiman Safavi kingship. Hakim Nezam-al-Din Mohammad Ilchi’s daughter built the mosque. That’s why the mosque was named as Ilchi Mosque. The inscription on the gateway of the mosque could demonstrate this claim which its history backs to 1097 Hijri-Qamari. On top of the podiums and inside of the stalactites of the gateway some texts are available which shows the name of builder who had been Ostad Mohammad Ali Ben Ostad Ali Beik.
On the southern balcony of the mosque and around the mihrab also, we can find some calligraphy works which its history backs to 1093 Hijri-Qamari. But inside of the mehrab, there is an inscription with Mohammad Hassan Imami’s signature which shows 1094 Hijri-Qamari. In the small balcony of mosque, there is a mehrab which the 45th Ayah of Ankabout Surah is carved on the blue tiles of mehrab. Presently, this mosque with a small courtyard, a building and mehrab is one of the most attractive works from Safavid era. The distinctive point of this mosque is its exclusive and unimaginable calligraphy works which shows the skills of the artists who had worked in this mosque.


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