Ga’ar Mosque of Isfahan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/24/2014

This building is located in 22km far from Isfahan and in south side of Zayandeh Roud shore. Today, just minarets and some parts of walls and dome of the mosque is remained and the other part are destructed during the past centuries. Considering the architecture style of the interior design and inscription of the mosque, we can conclude that the main building belongs to Seljuk era which was repaired then in Ilkhani dynasty. Mehrab and some of designs were added to the mosque building along repairing process. The dimension of the Shabestan (prayers hall) is 12.8m in 12.8m. So the figure of its plan is square which some other buildings had been beside of this prayers hall. The complex had been surrounded by adobe walls. It is a domed building with brick work and plaster work, false arch and inscriptions. On the northern wall of the building some plaster works and inscriptions of Quran which are written by calligraphy work are observable. The Seljuk Minaret is located 50m far from the mosque.