Agha Noor Mosque of Isfahan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/24/2014

Agha Noor Mosque is located in Dardasht district in Isfahan which its history backs to First Shah Abbas Safavi’s kingship. Constructing of this mosque started one year after Shah abbas’s death and in 1309 Hijri-Qamari it became completed. In Qajar era also, a Shabestan was added to the building. The present building style is four balconies ( chahar ivan) with gateway, courtyard, shabestan (prayers hall), tile work and historical inscriptions. The prior inscription is located in eastern balcony and its product date backs to 1304 Hijri-Qmari. According to this inscription, the mosque had been built by Noor-al-Din Mohammad Isfahani (Agha Noor).

Constructing of the building had been started from Shah Abbas’s kingship era and was finished in the first year of Shah Safi’s kingship. The famous calligrapher, Reza Imami had written the inscription. The columned shabestan of the mosque is very beautiful with stony pillars and covered with arches which among the arches, there are some diaphanous marble stones for polarization of light. The shabestan is added to building in 13th century and was built by Haj Mohammad Ibrahim Qazvini (the last Imam of the mosque)

Awfully, some part of the mosque was destructed in 1365 Hijri-Shamsi (Iranian Calendar) by Saddam Hussein’s invasion to Iran. But by end of the war, it was repaired again by Iranian govt.

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