Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque of Isfahan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/25/2014

This building is located among the bazaar of Isfahan, between Jamaleh Koleh district and Darb-e-Emam district. Its history backs to Qajar dynasty era which was built by Haj Mohammad JAfar Abadei who had been one of famous clergies of Isfahan in 13th Hijri. According to Rafiei mehrabadi, just the shabestan was built by him and the other parts of the mosque were existed. The mosque was completed in 1280 Hijri. Just some of required designs were done by his son who became the Imam of the mosque instead of his father. The present buiiding of this mosque includes gateway, courtyard, balcony, shabestan and some special kind of tile work. The carved or drawn dates on these tiles show dates: 1280, 1296, 1367 and 1370 Hijri and contains some Ayahs of Quran. tahts why It seems to be completed little by little.

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