Jam’e Mosque of Hafshuyeh

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/25/2014

This Mosque is located in Hafshuyeh Village in north east of Isfahan. The building had been primarily belonged to Seljuk era and in Mogul dynasty epoch was repaired and some parts were added to the building. The building is adobe made and simple bricks are used for its exterior design. The plan of the mosque is two-iwans style and behind of the southern iwan (balcony), there is a dome with 60m*21m dimension. Also in south west corner of the mosque, there is an octagonal platform with 66m diameter which belongs to the Seljuk minaret of the mosque. Among the remaining parts of the mosque, we can find a mehrab that is designed with plaster work and it seems to be belonged to Ilkhani era. This building is registered as national heritage.


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