Zolfagh’ar Mosque of Isfahan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/25/2014

There is a small mosque inside of Isfahan Bazaar and Nimavard district in the name of Olfagh’ar Mosque. It belongs to Shah Tahmasb’s kingship era who was the second king of Safavid dynasty.  The inscription of the mosque is installed on the gateway and shows the names of Shah Tahmasb, Zolfagh’ar, Sheikh Mohammad Safi as the founder and 950 Hijri which is the date of construction. The calligrapher of this inscription was Siavash. The calligraphy work on the main door shows some poets on Holly Prophet of Islam and honor Ali Ben Abi Taleb.

Also a black slate is installed on top part of the inscription which is carved by Mohammad Nasr and is made in 1037 Hijri. The content of the slate shows the list of endowments which are donated to the mosque in 1109 Hijri such as public bathroom and school. Hence, it had been a cultural complex and not only a mosque.