Rahim Khan (Sayed Hassan Modarres) Mosque of Isfahan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/25/2014

Rahi Khan Mosque is located north of former Shah Street and is one of the worthy ancient monuments in architecture which is built in Qajar era between 1290-1304 Hijri. The building of the mosque includes a vast courtyard, porches, balconies, shabetans and dome which its architecture is inspired of Sayed Mosque of Isfahan within beautiful tile work and a big dome. There sre two vast shabestan in both sides of the dome. In tile work parts and the other parts we can find various inscriptions which Quranic and historical texts are carved on them and are belonged to 1290 till 1304 Hijri Years. The name of Ostad Agha juni as the architect of the building is written among some poets on both sides of the southern balcony. There is a stone through also in southern balcony of the mosque which is produced in 1299 Hijri. 

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