Jam’e Mosque of Ardestan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/25/2014

The building of this mosque is located in center of Mahal District of Ardestanand is one of the oldest mosques of Iran which according to evidences, the original building backs to the first Islamic centuries, but in Seljuk era, it was reconstructed and then some parts were added to the mosque. According to archaeologists, the building was constructed between second till 4th Hijri Century, on the remaining of the huge adobe buildings from Sassanid era. In second half of 6th Hijri Century, by destruction of some parts of southern shabestan, the present dome was built and then, the southern balconies and porches were constructed.

In next step and by preserving the origins of the building, some changes were done in columns and walls in order to strengthen them. Finally, in forth step, we observe the building which most of its parts are remained from Safavid era and the other balconies in north, west and east sides are added to the building. Extension of the mosque and connecting it to the School, Hussainieh and other buildings had been done in this era.According to the documents, the northern balcony and its side rooms were built at the same time in 946 AH.


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