Agha Bozorg Mosque of Kashan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/25/2014

This is one the masterpieces of architecture from Qajar era and is located in Fazel Naraghi Street of Kashan. The building of this mosque was built Haj Mohammad Taghi Khanban between 1250 till 1260 Hijri. He built the mosque for conducting Jama’ah praying (al-salat) and lectures of Mullah Mahdi Naraghi who was the brother of Mullah Ahmad and famous as Agha Boozrg. The mosque and schools (seminary) of the building and its dome which is one of the biggest domes of Iran are totally brick made. The mosque is designed with tile work, brick work,  stalactite work, worthy plaster inscriptions, calligraphy work and drawings by Some of famous artists of Iran such as Mohammad Ibrahim Khan Moarefi, Mohammad Hussein Khan Adib, Sayyed Sadegh Kashani and Ostad Mohammad Bagher Ghamsari.

The gateways of the mosque are designed with plaster stalactites and drawings and the walls of balcony are fully designed with very beautiful tiles. There are two courtyards (upper and lower) which are very vast within two big minarets. There are some rooms for residency of the students all around the courtyards. A water reservoir and another shabestan also are located behind of the dome and in the other courtyard. Hence, the mosque includes three separate shabestans and courtyards. 

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