Jam’e Mosque of Naein

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/27/2014

Jam’e Mosque of Naein was built in the first century Hijri and its architecture is similar to Arabic mosque. Hence, the mosque single minaret and its dome is single layer. It includes some big shabestans like Chehel Sotoun which are located in three sides of the courtyard. At the north eastern corner, there is balcony within a row of columns which were designed with brick and plaster work till 3th Hijri Century. The brick works of this mosque is similar in architecture and style with Hakim Mosque of Isfahan and both of them are belonged to Deilamian dynasty era of Iran. There is a pulpit (menbar) that is similar to pulpit of the mosque of the holy prophet of Islam in Medina. There is a brick minaret with 28m height in south side of the mosque which is octagonal instead of cylindrical.