Kermani Mosque of Torbat Jaam

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/27/2014

It is one of the oldest mosques in Torbat Jaam. This mosque with 70.1m length and 17m width includes a dais in center and three rooms in western and eastern sides. There is a mehrab which is designed with plaster work in the western dais and Ostad Kermani’s shrine in opposite side who was the founder of this mosque. The roof of the mosque is composed of these parts:

Two daises in north and south sides within semi dome cover and a small dome in center which is repaired. Under this dome and surface of the shabestan, three shrines are discovered which the identity of the decedents is not clear. The interior designs of the mosque include some intradoses around the rooms and plaster stalactites on the warp room. There is an inscription with Sulth font around the walls shabestan. The facade of the mosque is located in opposite of the main courtyard and includes four porches and simple brick frames which are installed between these porches. Also two porches are placed next to the balcony and are designed with stalactites according to the same pattern of design of the interior stalactites. The exact history of the mosque is not clear, but according to available evidences and the style of architecture, it could be belonged to the second half of 5th Century.



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