Sultani (Imam) Mosque of Boroujerd

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/27/2014

This mosque is one of the oldest mosques of Boroujerd which is located in center f this city and beside of the Rasteh Bazaar. it was built on remaining of destructed building of an old mosque ate the same time with Fat’h Ali Shah’s kingship. it is one of the oldst mosques of Iran also. Its architecture is similar to Shah Mosque of Tehran in style and belongs to Four-Balconies category of Iranian mosques. It is the vastest mosque of west of Iran with 7000m space!



According to historical books, Boroujerd had two important mosques, Jam’e or Jam’e Atiq Mosque and Hadis Mosque. the Hadis Mosque had been located at the same place of the present Sultani Mosque which was destructed in Zandieh Dynasty era and the Sultani Mosque was built instead of it which the constructing process was finished in 1209 Hijri and was nominated as Sultani Mosque.


Characteristics of the mosque:

This mosque is composed of some parts such as dome room, four separate shabestans in south east, north west, north east sides of the mosque and winter shabestan which is located under the south western shabestan. There are 61 rooms for residency of students of its seminary. Hence, the mosque has four balconies and shabestan in four sides. Size of the courtyard is 61m*4ym and a big pool is located in center of this courtyard. The seminary of this mosque is very famous, specially at the time of residency of Ayatollah Boroujerdi at this city. There is an inscription installed on the western balcony which belongs to the Fat’h Ali Shah’s kingship era.