Jam’e Mosque of Damghaan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/28/2014


It is one of the other important mosques of Damghaan which is located opposite of Haj Fath Ali Beik School. It is also well known as the Pamena’ar School. The mosque with 35m length and 18m width has a columned shabestan which these columns are arranged in two rows in cylindrical figure. These columns hold the brick circle ceiling of the shabestan. The entrance corridor ends to the courtyard of the mosque and. The southern side of the courtyard includes three balconies which the central one is bigger than the others. The mehrab of the mosque also is placed in the central balcony. The width of the central balcony is 7m and its height from surface to ceiling is around 16m. Two other balconies (except the central) are placed in west and east of the courtyard which were repaired some years back.

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