An introduction to the Grand Prophet of Islam’s behaviour with children

Askar Karimi Islampour  6/28/2014

Translated By: Vahid Pourtajrishi 

Children are the God’s gift to men whose virtue is pure and far from any pollution. The God’s messenger behaved with children attending these features. His behaviour with kids was full of happiness and love to them. We can learn some worthy point about his behavioural attitudes to children by studying his life. He believed to respectful personality for children in theory and practice. He had advised to us: ‘’ respect your children and educate them properly. Because God will forgive you if you do this’’

‘’Respecting children will educate them to create self reliance spirit and settlement in personality in them’’

Existence of many phrases and sentences from the Grand Prophet shows his attention to educating quality of children. He knows children as the flowers of heaven and cause of God’s forgiveness to man. In another case, he introduces having affection to children cause of prosperity in the second life and says:

‘’kiss your kids. You will obtain a higher spiritual honour by any kiss which you should try to achieve this honour regularly for more than five hundred years!’’

He says: ‘’ looking at children by parents is same to pray’’

According to described words, we can realize clearly that children are the God’s gift to man who is the source of many given blessings from God. Children existence in a house, can fill the house full of kindness and relationship between parents and children is cause of God’s blessings extension to man. So, how can we neglect of educating our kids as an important task?

The Grand Prophet of Islam used the various methods in behaving with children. He tried to say hi to them before they do to respect their dignity. He said:

‘’ I never forgive saying hi to children till I’m alive.’’

He cared for his children from their born and guided them and always respected them. Children could realize our kindness and angriness to him while is little.

Bin Omar says:

‘’ The Grand Prophet was speaking for people in mosque. Suddenly Imam Hassan (his grandchild) felled to the ground while he was running. The Grand Prophet gave up the lecture and ran into him. When the Prophet found him healthy, imprecated the evil and said: children are the means for examination’’

In another story:

‘’ someday, The Grand Prophet of Islam took his grandchild, Imam Hassan with him to the mosque and asked worshippers to hold Salaat. One of his genuflections took long time and when his Salaat was finished, people asked him the cause of his unprecedented bow. He said that my grandchild, Hassan (greetings to him) was playing while he was sitting on my back. I didn’t want to hurry and bring him down and waited for him to come down’’

This story shows the children’s dignity for our prophet. Even he sometimes finished his Salaat because of a baby’s cry.

According to the historical documents, the Grand Prophet of Islam always played with children and recommended this manner to his friends. He got up respecting Hassan and Hussein (greetings to them) when they were only babies and went to them. Then he putted them on his shoulders and gave them a ride while he was telling them: such a nice vehicle you have my dear sons and you are such nice riders!

Someday the Grand prophet of Islam was going to the mosque. Some of the children of Ansaar and Mujahedin stopped him to continue his way and asked him to play with them. Belaal (one of the prophet’s honest followers) worried because of the prophet’s late and went into his house. He found the prophet while was playing with children and asked kids to give him up. But the Grand Prophet asked him to be patient. The prophet asked him to bring some walnuts from his house for the children. Belaal went to his house and brought eight walnuts and gave them to the kids. Then, the Grand Prophet asked the children to release him by getting the walnuts and children accepted his request happily. The Grand Prophet said to Belaal while he was laughing that: God’s blessing to my brother, Josef. He was sold because of some coins and I was sold today because of some walnuts’’

The Grand Prophet of Islam behaved with children like this to teach his followers to respect them.

Imam Sadeq (greetings to him):

‘’ the Grand Prophet was holding morning Salaat that suddenly heard a baby’s cry from women section of the mosque and hurried to finish his Salaat sooner than past because of the baby’s comfort’’

By studying the biography of the Grand Prophet of Islam, we can find many important lessons from him about respecting and veneration of children in his manner. 

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