Kohgilouyeh & Bouyer Ahmad Province

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/28/2014


1.1. Introduction

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad is located in the south-west of the country, and its capital is Yasuj. The province covers an area of 16,246 square kilometers, and has an estimeateda population of 650,000. The province covers an area and fills population of 1 percent of the whole country. The province constitutes of 5 counties of 7 counties of 'Boyer-Ahmad (whose capital is Yasuj, the capital of the province)', 'Behmaei (whose capital is Leikak)', 'Dena (whose capital is Sisakht)', 'Kohgiluyeh (whose capital is Dehdasht)', 'Gachsaran (whose capital is Dogonbadan)', 'Cheram (whose capital is Cheram)' and 'Basht (whose capital is Basht)'.
The province central cooridnation locates in 30.67°N 51.60°E.
Kohgiluy and Boyer-Ahmad face provinces Cheharmahal-o-Bakhtiary to the north, Khuzestan to the west, Busheher and Fars to the south and Isfahan to the east.
Yasuj is an industrial city in the Zagros Mountains of southwestern Iran, and is the capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province. It is located in the township of Boyer-Ahmad. Yasuj has an estimated population of 140,000 and has both a cube sugar processing plant and a coal-burning powerplant that generates electricity for the area. The people of Yasuj speak Lurish dialect.
Before realizing Yasuj, another old city, living over 2000 years, 6 Km far away under name of 'Tal-e-Kosrow' was built that was considered as centre for the superior Buyer Ahmad chambers (Khans), of which, only few hills and a ruined village, is remained.
In 1965, Yasuj had only 1 street, while now has vastly developed. In winter days, the city is quite often covered with snow and prepares a brilliant opportunity for the athletes to exercise skiing.

1.2. Geography and Climate

The province is mostly mountainous in terrain, part of the Zagros range. The highest point is the Dena summit with a height of 4,409 meters.
The mountain range of Dena, with more than 20 elevations and over 4000 meters high above the sea level, is, in fact, the great Himalayas in miniature. The mountain range, which is located in Kohgiluyeh and Buyer-Ahmad province, is covered with oak forests. Natural springs, singing of the birds and fresh air fascinate all lovers of nature.
Yasuj is located in cold climate. The snow and rain falling is quite sizable in the city.
Bagh Cheshmeh Belgheis is a great geographical appeal, is placed in the county of Kohgiluyeh, city of Cheram. Considering productive plant of the city, almost every type of fruit could be cultivated in the field. There are lots of fountains streaming from the north, whose sidewalls are cleverly designed in a developed architectural framework and are led to a beautiful pool.
The other interesting panorama of the city is the coast park, located in the entrance of Yasuj. The calming river of Beshar besides this park has made pleasant atmosphere for the people to take a rest.
Tang-e-Mehrioon ('Mehrioon' strait) in both summer and autumn days is the place for all people to enjoy, especially for the skiing athletes. Very beautiful trees have made good looking portraits.

1.3. History

The chairmanship of Kohgiluyeh and Buyer-Ahmad within period of Muslim Arab attack has been part of inland Persia and has been ruled by Roozbeh. After him, his son, Mehregan and after him, Salmeh governed the land. Afterh him, someone with the name of Giluyeh could make relation with Salmeh and slowly slowly, came control of the administration. Gradually, the land's name changed to Kohgiluyeh combining Kooh (in Farsi: mountain) + Giluyeh.
Aryoubarzan, Iranian warrior General has been from Kohgiluyeh and Buyer-Ahmad. The province has been realized in a tribal structure since ever, of which, the 'Tamoradi' tribal could be named as a major one, named after a famous lovely-vision strait with the same name.
Strong commandor of these tribals have been famous in history with epiteth of 'Kei', of whom, 3 main could be named as 'Kei Mahin', 'Kei Hadi' and 'Kei Abdolkhalil'.

1.4. Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad today

Yasuj has had a long history, being occupied at least since the early Bronze Age. Of note are the Martyrs Hills (dating from third millinium B.C), Khosravi Hill from the Achaemenian period, the ancient site of Gerd, the Pataveh Bridge, and the Pay-e Chol cemetery. The Yasuj Museum which opened in 2002, displays coins, statues, pottery, and bronze vessels recovered from surrounding archaeological sites. Nearby are Sefid Mountain (3,102 m.) and the Dena Wildlife Reserve.
The economy of Yasuj is reported to be based on the local exports of baskets, carpets/rugs, mosaic tiles, bricks and livestock feed.
Major academic centers of the province include

  • University of Yasuj
  • Yasuj University of Medical Sciences
  • Yasuj Chemical Engineering School.

Bahmai County has been recently created of Kohgiluyeh split. The capital of the county is Likak and its population is estimated around 36,000.
Dena County, whose capital is Sisakht city, owns an estimated population of 55,000, covers an area of 1821 square kilometers. There are some important rivers of Kabkanian, Khorsan, Ahmad Gharib, Bahram Beigi and Shabdiz and some nice waterfalls of BahramBeigi, Menj and Doderkkareh.
Kohgeluyeh County, whose capital is the county is Dehdasht, has an estimated population of 200,000.
Gachsaran County, whose capital is Dogonbadan city, covers an area o f683.4 square Km and has population of 140,000, has recently split from Kohgiluyeh.
The Gachsaran Oil & Gas producing Company with a distinct geographical situation stretches over provinces of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Fars, Busher, Khuzistanand Isfahan. Total production from about 320 wells is 750,000 bd. The main wells have been drilled at reservoirs of Gach Saran, Bibi Hakimeh, Rag-e-Safid, Pazanan, Gulkhari, Binak, Chilingar, Nargesi, Garangan, Kilur Karim, Sulabedar, Siahmakan, Khaviz, Rudak, Zaaeh, Chahr Bisheh and Kuh-e-kaki.
Out of these regions Gachsaran Reservoir with 500,000 bd and Siahmakan with 4000bd have the highest and lowest production rates respectively.
Famous toursim appeals of the province, of which, are mainly visited in summer, could be summarized as below:

  • The excursion and beautiful city of Sisakht in the hillside of Dena.
  • The castles (Ghales) of Solomon, Ghal-e-Dokhtar, Ghal-e-Mangasht and Ghal-e-Raeisi.
  • The histoical plants of Talchegah, Abgarmoon, Abshooran, Shahre Larenden, some famous cisterns, some caravansaries, three floor cymmetries and Soolak strait, all of them are known as 'Deli Mehregan'. 
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