Jame Mosque of Dehdasht

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/28/2014

The building of this mosque is located in east wide of Dehdahst City and near by the Imamzadeh Masoum holy Shrine. The history of this mosque backs to Safavid dynasty era which is built in two floors and 50.33m*55.27m size. The building includes shabestan, central courtyard, wash basin and some rooms which are located in east of the mosque. Also it has two separate gates that the first one is located in eastern side and nest one is in south west side. Both of these gates are built with big rubble stones in stair figure. The shabestan also had included 14 rows of big columns which had been enough strong to bear the weight of the second floor also. The mehrab (alter) had been made with plaster and stone which maybe are destructed. The building was repaired in 1377 Hijri Shamsi (Iranian Calendar)

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