Cheleh Khaneh Mosque of Rasht

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/29/2014
This building is located in Ostad Sara District of Rasht and was built in 1242 HIjriby Mirza Mohammad Taher Mostoufi and then was repaired by Haj Sheikh Mahdi Lakani. Presently, the mosque size is 16.70m * 8.30m which its ceiling is based on three columns. There is a brick finial in south of the mosque and also a seminary with six classrooms in northern side. The internal coverage is wooden and the external is adobe made. There is a mehrab located in beside of the southern gate and is designed with stalactite. The installed inscription on top of the mehrab shows the name of founder and Fat'h Ali Shah as the king of time and the date 1242 Hijri. The installed inscription beside of the mehrab also show the dates 1243-1244 Hijri and theire tile work is done by Ostad Mohammad Taqi Kashi Paz Qazvi
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