Nomalmir Mosque of Yazd

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/29/2014

This simple mosque is located in old district of Malmir of Imam Khomeini Street. The original name of the mosque had been Madar-E-Amir. Who had been this mother?

She was Maryam Torkan, mother of Sultan Qotb-Al-Din (descent in 626 Hijri) who constructed this mosque and maryabad (Maryam Abad). She ordered to build a gate for Maryabad which todaye is famous as Madar-E-Amir and constructed a bazaar there also. There were two tombstone in the mosque which belongs to 5th and 6th HIjri Centuries. These tombstones are transferred to Qadamgah Mosque. The oldest carpet of the mosque is weaved in 1238 Hijri. The mosque includes shabestan, warm room and courtyard. It is deeper than the street surface. The base of the columns are brick made and the warm room is located in west side of the summer room and courtyard.





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