Zardak Mosque of Ardakan

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/29/2014

This is one of the oldest and historical mosques of Ardakan County which was built in 5th Hijri Century. It is famous also as Ganj Gelin. The dome of this mosque is very beautifuland is installed on four columns. Around space of mehrab has seven layers of plaster which this issue demonstrates oldness of the building. The courtyard of the mosque is located between the balcony and shabestan. The walls of the courtyard are covered with mortar (Sarouj). There is a corridor with 9m length and 3m width placed in east of the mosque and is famous as ''Khanaqah''. This place is prepared for the passengers who want to have rest. This mosque is registered by National Cultural Heritages Org of Iran. Its register number is 2448.








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