Mullah Esmaeil Mosque of yazd

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/29/2014

This mosque is situated in the south of Khan Bazaar square, built under the orders of Molla Esmaeil Aqdie, one of the prominent scholars of the clergy in the 13th century AH. Mollah Ismaeil completed the corners of the threshold and the parlors on both sides of the dome and part of the mosque designed for sleeping or nocturnal prayers in 1222 AH.

Mirza Soleiman Tabatabaei made great attempts to complete the construction of mosque. The entrance width of the porch of the mosque is 15.75 meters. Its western nocturnal area has 32 pillars.

There are numerous slates in the Nastaliq and Naskh scripts around the facade. Ali Mohammad Kaveh, contemporary calligrapher, is responsible for the calligraphy around the dome, worked in blue on gypsum background. At present this mosque is used for holding Friday prayers.


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