Arg Mosque of Tabriz

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/29/2014

Arg-e AliShāh, also known as Arg-e Tabriz and Masjid AliShāh, is a remnant of a mosque in the center of Tabriz, Iran, built in the Ilkhanate period.

Construction of Arg begins under advisory of Illkhanate minister Taj-edin-Jahanshah, as a mosque. However construction was halted after the death of the minister and the collapse of the roof of the mosque. Later on Arg was used as an educational center during Safavid era. During the occupation of Tabriz by Ottoman Turks the remnants of the Arg suffered further destruction. During Qajar dynasty Arg was used as military depot and storage for Iranian army during the Perso-Russian wars. Only the southern portion of the Arg remains.


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