Jamal Abad Mosque of Haris

Vahid Pourtajrishi  6/29/2014

This mosque is located in Jamal Abad village and includes six wide and strong columns and woody roof. These pillars are arranged in two rows. The top and base of all the columns is made of stone which are designed with carving-work. Two columns of the building are cylindrical and the others are octagon-shaped. The height of each one of these pillars is 64m.

The entrance gate of this mosque is made of stone and is located in east side of the building. Inside of the arches are carved and designed with the 18th Ayeh of Tobeh Surah. The Menbar of the mosque is one of attractive and historical elements of this mosque which is a real masterpiece in woodcarving art. Perhaps the product date of this Menbar backs to Teimuri and Safavid era. According to found evidences and inscriptions the history of this mosque backs to 8th and 9th Hijri-Qamari.



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