Ahmad Moniri

.  6/30/2014

He is the Imam of Hazarat ABoulfazl Mosque of Tehran (Lashkar St)

He was born in 1965 in Hamedan County of Iran. He was fostered in a religious family from Aq-Bolaq (one of the villages of Hamedan County) and passed elementary level in this village. Then, he went to Hamedan Seminary to continue his education in religious studies. He was student at the lectures of great scholars of this seminar such as Ayatollah Sheikh Gholamreza Rahmani and Ayatollah Mousavi Hamedani. He could obtain Master Degree in Persian Literature from university then.



1)      Universe in Masnavi-e-Manavi book (this book is written by Molana, the famous Persian mystic

2)      The people demands and aspects of servicing

3)      Alavi reforms and related articles to the subject

4)      Boka’a

5)      Ashoura

6)      The righteous child

Social and Political Activities:

1)      Presence in holly defence fronts (Iran-Iraq war)

2)      Coordination with revolutionary organizations such as Sepah of Iran and the committee of the Islamic Republic (of Iran)

3)      Coordination in establishment of the Islamic Propagandas Org

4)      Teaching

5)      The Imam of the Qamar-e- Bani Hashim Mosque for more than twelve years

6)      The Imam of Hazrat-e-Ali Mosque of Karaj for four years

7)      Teacher in Islamic Azad University of Iran

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