Ayatollah Sayyed Fattah Hashemi Tabrizi

.  6/30/2014

He was born in Tabriz city in 1945. His father was ayatollah sayyed Yousef hashemi Hokmabadi, one of the most famous clergies of Tabriz. Ha got his diploma in Tabriz and learned Islamic science and Arabic Literature from his father. Then, he immigrated to Qom in 1958 to continue his higher education in Seminary of Qom. He attended the Kafayah Lectures of Ayatollah soltani and could pass the exams with excellent marks. He attended the lectures of Marjas for 20 years and could achieve Ijtihad. He continued to teach in Qom. He attended the philosophy lectures of ayatollah Motahari. The, he came to Tehran and started to teach again in Chizar Seminary of Tehran. After some years The Jam’e Mosque of Shahrak-e-Gharb was established by him which is one of the most beautiful mosques over Middle East region. Presently, he teaches in Kefayeh and Orvatul Vosgha in Marvi seminary.



1)      Fiqh and Khiarat

2)      Interpretation of Quran

3)      Ajvabat-Al-Estef’taat


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