Koucheh Mir Jam’e Mosque of Natanz
Koucheh Mir Ja'ame (cathedral) Mosque is located in Mir district of Natanz County of Isfahan Province.
Introducing Ja'me Mosque of Tehran
Ja'me Mosque of Tehran belongs to 13th Hijri century and is one of the oldest and largest mosques of this city.
Introducing Sepahsalar (Shahid Motahari) Mosque of Tehran
Sepahsalar Mosque is one of the largest mosques of Tehran and constructed by command of Mirza Hassan Khan, the Sepahsalar (Chancellor) of Naser od-din Shah Qajar.
Introducing Mirza Agha Mahmoud (Hakim Bashi) Mosque of Tehran
The history of Mirza Agha Mahmoud (Hakim Bashi) Mosque of Tehran backs to the late years of Safavid era and is located in Pamear Street of Tehran.
Introducing Haj Rajab Ali Mosque and Seminary
Haj Rajab Ali mosque and Seminary of Tehran was constructed by Haj Mulla Rajab Ali and Mirza Abdullah farahani in 1369 Hijri and is one of the oldest mosques of this city.
Al Azhar Mosque in Padang of Indonesia
UNP Al Azhar Mosque, located near the main gate of the UNP is one of the newly established buildings in the campus center UNP.
Grand Mosque in Vigneux of France
The Cultural Association of Muslims of Vigneux sur Seine, CVMA, established in 1980, is the origin of the Great Mosque of Vigneux sur Seine.
Sultan Alaeddin Mosque of Selangor - Malaysia
Located within the historical town of Jugra, Masjid Sultan Alauddin is one of the state’s oldest mosques
Islamic Education Center of Washington
The Islamic Education Center (IEC) Incorporation in Potomac, Maryland established in 1998 as non-profit institution.
Suzi Mosque in Prizren - Kosovo
Suzi mosque of Kozovo is recognized as the oldest mosque of the city of Prizren.
Serafeddin Mosque in Konya - Turkey
Şerafeddin Mosque, located north of the Central Karatay district of Konya Konya Government House.
Haci Veyiszade Mosque in Konya - Turkey
Veyisza Haji Mosque in Konya Metropolitan Municipality is karşısınızda. Konya Provincial Mufti of the mosque next door has. There are two minarets with three balconies.
Darwin Islamic Centre and mosque - Australia
The Islamic Society of Darwin, formerly known as the Islamic Society of the Northern Territory (ISNT) - َAustralia.
Tengkera Mosque in Malacca - Malaysia
Tranquerah Mosque (Malay: Masjid Tengkera), located in Malacca City, is one of the oldest mosques in Malacca,
Imam Khomeini (former Shah) Mosque of Tehran
The history of Imam Khomeini (former Shah) mosque backs to 180 years back and is one of the most beautiful mosques of Tehran.
Sayed Azizullah Mosque of Tehran
Sayed Azizullah Mosque of Tehran belongs to 13th Hijri century and is located in Bazaar of Tehran near Chahar Sough Kuchak and Chahar Sough Bozorg which is built at the same time with kingship era of Fath Ali Shah Qajar.
Khazen-ul-Molk Mosque of Tehran
Sayed Vali Holy Shrine or Khzen-ul-molk Mosque is located in end of the Orsidouz’ha (shoemakers) bazaar and opposite of the sheikh Abdul Hussein School.
Kobe Mosque of Japan
Kobe Mosque​(神戸モスク​Kōbe Mosque), also known as​Kobe Muslim Mosque​(神戸ムスリムモスク​Kōbe Muslim Mosque), was founded in October, 1935 in​Kobe​and is​Japan's first​mosque.
Bakytkelde Mosque of Almaty
"Bakytkeldy" Mosque is located in the highest part of Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan.
Gogceli wooden mosque of Samsun - Turkey
The Wooden mosque of Samsun with 800 years old is one of the oldest mosques of Anatolia Region in this country.
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