Jam’e Mosque of Narmak-Tehran


Jam’e Mosque of Narmak was built around 50 years back by helps of some benefactor people in coordination with local people and its space is around 2000m. Hojatul Islam Sadegh Zadeh who is the imam of the mosque presently, says about this mosque:
‘’This mosque was built around 50 years ago. We tried to communicate with Grand Ayatullah Boroujerdi’s office to let us for collecting required monies to build the mosque and he accepted’’
One of the trustees of the mosque also asserts:
‘’ The local people of Narmak District we pray firstly under a tent and then in 1332 Hijri we started to build the mosque and the mosque was reconstructed 30 years back again.’’
The present mehrab also was constructed 35 years back and was designed with tile work like to the other mosques in Islamic style. Some of the holy names are written on body of the mehrab. Also the Jom’ah Surah is written in a rectangle frame on head of the mehrab by Mohammad Ali Gharavi in 1386 Hijri. Size of the shabestan is around 700m. According to one of the trustees, it has the biggest mehrab among the mosques of Tehran. The building of the mosque is built on 12 columns. The dome and porches of the mosque is not tile covered yet. But inside of the dome is designed with stalactite work and the holy names are carved on these tiles. The required light of the dome is fulfilled by 16 skylights. The other important and attractive point on this mosque is some Ayahs which are written on head of the mehrab are written by a style of calligraphy in the name of Zarrin Khat. It means the texts are written with golden font!
These Zarrin Khat works belongs to Sayed Mohammad Ali Saghir. This mosque is the main place to conduct the religious ceremonies and social activities such as gathering monies or dresses for poor or deprived people and some other activities in east of Tehran.


jame mosque of Narmak

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