Sayed Azizullah Mosque of Tehran


It belongs to 13th Hijri century and is located in Bazaar of Tehran near Chahar Sough Kuchak and Chahar Sough Bozorg which is built at the same time with kingship era of Fath Ali Shah Qajar. The building of the mosque includes three balconies, dome, winter and summer shabestans. Also there is some tile works which are very majestic and worthy. The main shabestan of the mosque had been in south side of the mosque. The winter shabestan had been underground and north side of the mosque. There are some small shabestans in western and eastern sides of the courtyard. The installed inscriptions on the eastern and western balconies show the date of building of these designs which is 1310 Hijri. there are three inscriptions inside the shabestan and under the dome which one of them is old and the two others are new. The old inscription was built in 1274 Hijri. theer is a water reservoir beside of the courtyard gateand opens into Chahar Sough Boozrg Bazaar. The courtyard and balcony of the mosque was repaired by helps of Ayatullah Boroujerdi. The national registrartion number of this mosque is 415.

Sayyed Azizullah mosque

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