The Seljuki or Jam’e Mosque of Damavand


About Damavand county
Sixty-six km to the east of Tehran, to the right of Tehran-Firouzkooh road, Damavand a small town set in a closed- off and well-watered valley below the foothills of Mount Damavand whose cone is not visible from this place. Puring the summer months, its population is swollen by an influx of holidaymakers. Archaeological excavations carried out in the site of the modern town of Damavand have shown its occupation since the Neolithic times (5th millennium BC). The origins of the town go back to the Sassanian period. In the historical districts of the town as well as in its neighboring villages, there remain some relics belonging to the beginning of the Islamic period, the 11 century AD, and the Seljuk period.

jame mosque of damavand 

Damavand is rich in historical heritage. It contains 37 historical tombs (Imamzadeh), 27 castle ruins, 23 traditional houses of architectural significance, 18 traditional bath houses, 6 caves, 5 historical bridges, 3 historical mosques, and 3 caravanserais.
The most important amongst these are the Jam'eh Mosque and its minaret, of the same period, however restored in later periods (particularly during the Safavid rule) and thus turned into anew building void of any historical significance.
The mosque's circular and simple brick minaret, which rests upon a rectangular brick base, is the only remaining relic of the structure.
Damavand country side includes:Kilan, Oureh, Dashtehmazar, Ahmadabad, Cheshmeh Aalla, Mosha, Dashta, Rouhafza, Mahaleh-Darvish, Tizab, Tar Lake, Abesard, Gilavand.
Sights and entertainment
Damavand's sights and entertainment: Ab-Ali Skiing slope is located in North-East of Mosha. From North of Mosha and Imamzadeh Hashim, there is the possibility of paragliding too. Oureh Dashtemazar, Cheshmeh Aalla and Mosha speak a kind of dialect of Mazandaran (Mazandarani).
Damavand is the tallest mountain in Iran. Its height is 5671 meters. It's located in Mazandaran province (and the nearest city to it is Larijan). It's 66 km far from Tehran (the capital) and it's a calm volcano.
Access Roads: There two ways to get to Damavand from Firouzkooh Road via Gilavand located in South of Damavand and from Haraz road via Mosha located in North of Damavand.
This mosque is located in Damavand City and 60km far from Tehran which was built in 812 Hijri. It has a simple cylindrical minaret which is placed on a square base and contains some inscriptions in Koufi font which are similar to architecture style of the 5th Hijri century. The winter shabestan(underground) and the minaret are the oldest parts of the mosque which are mostly virgin. The present building of the mosque includes two shabestan in north and south sides of the courtyard which are designed with seven-colors tiles and a blue dome. The mosque has been repaired many times during its history because of the damages. Its register number in the national Cultural Heritages Org of Iran is 230.

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