Harchegan Jam’e mosque of Shahrekord

Harchegan Mosque is located in Harchegan Village and is 18 km far from west of shahrekord. This mosque was built in Qajar Dynasty era. It includes courtyard, balcony, winter and summer shabestans. The entrance of the mosque is reconstructed and opens to the courtyard which its size is 13m*22m. The summer shabestan within a balcony are located in northern side of the courtyard and its roof is composed of a big dome in center and two small domes beside of the main dome. These domes are made of simple bricks. The columned winter shabestan within zigzag figure arches and domes is located in east of the courtyard. The columns are stone made and the 1226 Hijri date is carved on one of them. The domes are raised brick works within geometric patterns. The light of the shabestan is fulfilled by the embedded skylights on the domes and windows of its western wall. In opposite side of the winter shabestan, there are some porches within zigzag arches. The mosque was repaired once again in 1320 Hijri.
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