Nou (Shohada) Mosque of Shiraz


The previous name of this mosque had been Atabak. It is the second old mosque of Shirz after Atigh Mosque. The constructing process of the mosque started from 598 Hijri and it was finished in 615 Hijri. Two elevated and big porches is built in north and south sides of the mosque with 40m height and 35m width. There are 12 low height ceilings in each side of this porch. The shabestan is placed behind of the southern porch. The northern balcony and ceilings are same to the southern same parts in figure and plan. Present building of mosque is repaired lately. We have to mention that Nou in Persian language means new.    The mosque is built on a four- eivan plan and has two prayer halls behind the south and north porches . The mosque is most notable for its spacious courtyard , which measures 200m long and loom wide . Today the mosque serves as a site for Friday communal prayers.


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