Haj Mirza Aqajani Mosque of Asadabad


This building is located in Meidan District of Asadabad. Its plan is rectangular and its old columned shabestan is located in north of the courtyard. The eastern entrance of the mosque is covered with twill arch. The size of this shabestan is 10.57*1065 with four 70cm*68cm elephant foot columns. There are four arches installed on these four columns which hold the weight of nine arches which three arches are repaired till now. There is a mehrab with 187cm height in center of the southern part of the shabestan. There is installed a skylight in space of the mehrab. There are installed some other arches, porches and skylights in other sides of the shabestan. The major used materials in constructing of the building are bricks, plaster and adobe. We don’t have any document to show us the exact date of construction of this mosque but according to the name of its founder, the mosque had to be constructed between 1250 Hijri till 1264 HIjri by Mirza Latif who was famous as Haji Mirza Aqajani in Hamadan.

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