Jam’e Mosque of Nahavand



This mosque is located at the beginning of Ekbatan street, near Imam Khomeini square. According to a tablet located on the front of the Mosque's big Ivan (entrance). it was built in 1253 A.H. during the Fathalishah Ghajar ruling period. "Masajed-e-Jame' (Jame’ mosques) as its name implies have central position in relation to other mosques and they always are the place of gathering people.

It has a square shape plan with three entrance gates, three Ivan. Six minarets, two old and new Shabestans, a yard and a big brick dome.


In the south main Shabestan, there are tablets on which some Kouranic verses were written on the yellow tiles in sols and at the entrance. Some poems were engraved in calligraphic forn, on a big stone with diameter of one meter, 13 cm edge tickness and one meter height. It shows the name of founder and date of construction as follows:
Religion servant, a celestial being, Al-­Haj Al-Vaghef Al-Hamd Khan 1251 A.H.

Probably, the stone has been there before the mosque, because there is difference between the date of building and the written date of the stone. This mosque was registered as an Iranian historical monument No.1733 dated 26.6.1996.




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