Baba Sookhteh Mosque of Isfahan


Till 13th century (Hijri-Qamari), the mosque had been beside of Ghooshkhaneh Garden and out of city. But today by extension of Isfahan City, it is a located among the city. In historical resources it has been famous as Omar and Abou saeid Bahador Khan Mosque also.

Eugène Flandin , the famous French painter and architect has drown this mosque in 1255 Hijri when he came to Iran. He says about this mosque:

‘’… a small and beauty mosque which is a worthy treasure of Iranian architecture. The mosque is famous as Baba Sookhteh. Nor the dome and minaret are covered with tiles but all its surface is designed by tile work. Today, this building is too damaged but still shines. The geometrical figures in the shape of big stars in white and green colors are drawn on dark blue color theme of the dome. On top of the dome and among the blue margin, an inscription in white color fonts covers all around the green dome. The beautiful and lanky minaret also contains a series of spiral forms in green and white colors which are entangled in its middle horizontal plan…’’

 According to the given description of the mosque, it includes courtyard and a balcony with two minarets (located in top of the balcony), dome, tall and cylindrical minaret which the top of this minaret is designed with stalactite work. Considering the shape and style of the building, it seems to be belonged to the last years of Ilkhani era.

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