Ali Mosque of Isfahan


This mosque is located in Ha’atef street in Isfahan and near by the Ja’ame Mosque and beside of Haroon holly shrine. It is famous because of architectural specifications and designing. Considering the minaret which backs to Seljuk era and also its name that had been Senjerieh in Safavid era, we can conclude, there had been constructed a mosque in Seljuk era in this place and then it had become destructed in 929 Hijri-Qamari. Again during the kingship of First Shah Ismaeil, his minister, Mirza Shah Hussein reconstructed the present mosque. Today the minaret is only part of the mosque which is remained from past and there is no signification from Seljuk era.

Pietro Della Valle, the famous Italian world traveler and Sharden who had been probably from Georgia, had traveled to Iran one after the other in 1619 and 1666 A.D. They have written the name of this mosque as Haroon Velayat Holly Shrine. The present plan of the building is four balcony form plan which includes gateway, courtyard, balcony (Iwan), dome and summer-winter shabestan. It is designed with very beautiful tile work, stalactite work and historical inscriptions. The western gateway is designed with tile work and stalactite work. The installed inscription on top of the gateway which is made of blue tiles elaborates the name of Shah, founder and the year of completion of the building means 929 Hijri-Qmari.  There is a pond in center of the courtyard and four balconies in four sides of the courtyard which the southern balcony is vaster and the dome shabestan is located behind of this balcony. The exterior design of the dome is composed of tile work and inside of it is designed with plaster stalactites. A marble inscription is installed in northern side of the mosque and on the western wall of the balcony. The Seljuk minaret with 86m height is located beside of the dome and is one of the most beautiful Seljuk minarets. The minaret is designed with brick work and numerous inscriptions and its entrance gate is located inside of the mosque.

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