Saroo Taghi Mosque


This mosque is located between Maghsoud Beik bazaar and Hasan Aba’ad Bazaar and beside of Imamzadeh Ahmad. It was built in 1053 Hijri-Qamarei by Mohammad Taghi son of Hedayatullah Tabrizi Nanva who was well known as Saroo Taghi. He was the chancellor of Second Shah Abbas Safavid and was murdered in 1055 Hijri-Qamari.

The mosque is almost small but because of very beautiful designing is distinguished of the other mosques in the same era. The author of Nesf-al-Jahan had described the mosque as below:

‘’ the exterior of dome is composed of simple brick work but its interior is designed with beautiful drawings and plaster work which covers the walls. There is no description inside of the dome but the gateway of the mosque which is connected to the bazaar has an inscription which is designed with tile work and calligraphy work written by Mohammad Reza Imami in 1053 Hijri-Qamari.

The small courtyard of the mosque is hexagonal form and there are four balconies in this courtyard.

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