Jam’e Mosque of Khansa’ar


 The jam’e Mosque of Khansa’ar with 3500 sq m dimension and 350 years old is located in south east of Khansa’ar City.  According to the inscription, the history of the mosque backs to 1101 Hijri and descent Haj Sane had built it whose shrine also is in the courtyard of the mosque. Before creation of this mosque, there had been another Jam’e mosque in the name of Chahar Rah Mosque which was destructed and just a book holder of Quran is remained which you can find it in the northern gateway of Jam’e Mosque. The northern gate of this mosque is historical and very old within worthy carving work. Another attractive part of this mosque is its pool which is made of stone and its water had been fulfilled from Gang aqua duct that was some km far from the mosque and was belonged to this mosque.


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