Ghotbieh Mosque of Isfahan


In Taleghani Street, there is mosque which according to its inscription belongs to kingship time of First Shah Tahmasb Safavid. The mentioned inscription is kept in Chehel Sotoun Garden at the present time and shows 905 Hijri Year and is written by Abou Saeid Imami. The mosque was built by Ghotebeddin Ali bab-al-dashti. The mosque has a small courtyard and we eneter to the domed shabestan from the entrance gate directly. This shabestan has four vaults which there is a shrine in northern vault. The inscription of this shrine shows the name of Ghtbeddin Ali Bab-al-Dashti. There is a stone through in in the courtyard which some poets are carved on it. The content of these poets demonstrates that the stone through is installed there in 1307 Hijri.

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