Lonban Mosque of Isfahan


This mosque is located in Lonban district and the present building belongs to Safavid era but the original mosque had been belonged to 8th Hijri century. According to Mahasen-e-Isfahan book, the mentioned mosque was reconstructed in Safavid era and then it was repaired in the next centuries. That’s why just some parts such as plaster work pieces and tile works are remained from Safavid era and before. Tile networks shows 1080 Hijri Year and the text on these tiles are written with white Sulth font. On top of the gateway, there is an inscription which is tile made and some texts in Nastaligh font are written on it which shows repairs in Shah Suleiman Safavid’s era. This inscription was added to mosque in 1256 Hijri. Also there is a river under the big shabestan of the mosque!

The tribune is famous as Sahib-al-Zaman and is one the worthiest tribunes from Safavid era. It is produced in 1114 Hijri. In various references, this mosque is mentioned as the first mosque of Isfahan. They believe that one of prophets is buried under the shabestan of this mosque…

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