Maghsoud Beik Mosque of Isfahan


Maghsoud Beik Mosque is located in Zolamat Alley, at the north-east corner of Naghsh-e-Jahan Square and is built in 1010 Hijri by Maghsoud Beik and because of being beside of Tekye Zolamat is famous as Zolamat Mosque. This mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings of Safavid era and is designed with tile work and stalactite work. the mosque had been vaster than its present building and during the time, some parts of it has become destructed and a domed shabestan is only remained part of this mosque. The shabestan(prayers hall) of the mosque includes four daises and a dome. In southern side of the shabestan, there is a mhrab(altar) which is designed with worthy tile work and a historical inscription which shows 1010 Hijri. Mir Emad Qazvini’s shrine also is in eastern side of the small courtyard of the mosque. he had been one of well known calligraphers of Iran.   

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