Gaz Mosque of Barkhar and Meimeh


These mosque and minaret are located in Gaz City and 18 km far from Isfahan. These are built in Seljuk era. The courtyard is square shaped and its width is 12m. The western balcony belongs to Seljuk era and both of its corridors are located in the two sides of this balcony. In each of the corners of the western balcony, there are two gates with 2.5m height. The blackthorn arches of are designed with plaster work and bricks which these characteristics belongs to Seljuk architecture and are similar to Jom’e Mosque of Isfahan. The Seljuk mehrab also is located at the southern corner of the balcony and there is an inscription installed on top of this balcony. The minaret is located in north-west of the mosque and some parts of this minaret had been destructed passing the time. According to its inscription, the mosque is built in the first quarter of 6th AH Century.


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